Got something to show and tell

How I rock with pictures

Below you’ll find a small collection of things I have created or where my role as behind the camera (filming and editing) was at least a somewhat essential.

Why others think I rock

Monika is a very talented person.

I was very lucky to have met her while she was studying in Graz at the University. She approached me after our class and asked me if she could work for me. Since then I have Moni in my life! She is a wonderful graphic designer and creates DVD booklets, graphics for authoring (chapters etc.) and CD labels (and more). She is creative, quick, motivated and above all the technical skills she is fun and great to work with!

She works on set as a camera person, she edits video (raw and conceptional), she has been part of my research as a technician but also as an educator. We have designed educational workshops for women 60plus (one is an adult educator training, the others are related to new media and aging)

If you need a person who knows her technical stuff AND understands what you have planned – contact Moni!

If it won’t work, hand it to Moni. Moni is a  “No nonsense” person, she will even look out for your stress levels! Walk your dog! And let her walk Yoshi!

Sol Haring

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